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Worthing's About Us

We are located on the shores of Pleasant Lake,  south of Minneapolis in rural Scott County.  Every season brings great natural beauty into our lives. The lake, the maple woods surrounding us and the abundance of wildlife that we see outside our windows are all 
inspirations for our knitting designs.

Picture Knit Patterns:
Our knitting goal is to provide easy to follow graphs and directions so the average knitter will  enjoy making these projects.  With our  patterns,  designed by best selling craft writer Lory        Worthing,  you won't find yourself lost in            directions that seem to be  written in unbreakable code.  We have personally tested each of these patterns.  We hope that these classic         designs are  reminiscent of an earlier time when life seemed simpler and the best gifts we received were those that were made for us with love. Please e-mail us with your knitting  questions.   

We are also the home of Tipperary Golden         Retrievers.
Our dogs enjoy hunting with us on Pleasant Lake,  curling up by our fireplace on cozy   winter nights, or just playing in our woods.  Tipperary's goal is to produce beautiful, healthy Goldens with great temperaments that are at home in the show ring, the duck blind or the family room.  We have over thirty years of  experience in    purebred dogs.   Please click here for tips on  finding the right dog for your  family .   


Picture Knit   Patterns

Tipperary  Golden Retrievers

Finding the Right Dog For Your    Family

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