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Tipperary Goldens

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About Tipperary Goldens……
Good temperament, health and beauty are our breeding  criteria. Our dogs are checked for hip,  eye and heart problems before we use them for breeding.  All of our dogs live in our house. Puppies are raised indoors and become accustomed to normal family sounds, sights and smells from the time they are born.  Our dogs are a mix of show and hunting lines. We look for a nice even      temperament, birdiness and good looks in our dogs.   Although we       realize that most of our puppies will have the honor of becoming family pets, we introduce all of them to wings at an early age.

Our puppies are guaranteed to be free of inheritable conditions for a period of three years. We also feel responsible for our puppies for their entire lives, so we want to hear from our  puppy buyers if they have any questions or problems.

All our puppies are sold with AKC limited registration.  This means that they are purebred Golden Retrievers and can participate in AKC licensed field, obedience and hunting events but they cannot be shown in conformation or used for breeding. 

We seldom have puppies but we will be happy to share with you what we have learned in our  more than thirty years in purebred dogs. We recommend that you buy from a breeder in your area (not a pet store), and buy from someone you feel comfortable with.

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Minnesota River Valley Kennel Club
Bloomington Obedience Club
Lake Country Retriever Club

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